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You've built a successful life. You should take steps to protect what you've accomplished. An estate plan starts with a will, but it may also include a trust.  Trusts are not just the tools of the wealthy.  In fact, they can be used to reduce estate tax liability, and to protect and control assets for minor children.     


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you do everything you can to give your family a secure and happy life.  

A carefully designed estate plan will help you continue to do that, even if you're no longer here.  estate planning isn't just for the rich - it's for anyone who wants to protect and provide for those who may be left behind. 

it's not a complicated process, and i will come to you.  don't wait - put your intentions into motion.   I can help you customize an estate plan that fits, in every stage of your life.

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It's critically important for those who have minor children to select a guardian for them, in case the unthinkable happens.  Likewise, parents may choose a separate person to serve as a conservator, to manage and safeguard the children's assets. Or, you can create a trust for their future benefit, that will only exist if you pass away.  There are options to suit every family and financial circumstance.

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The federal estate tax exemption is currently $11.2 million per person, but the Massachusetts exemption is only $1 million per person, which doesn't go far in these parts.  I can help you determine your estate tax liability, and advise you on ways to reduce it, if necessary.  

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Don't leave your health care decisions to chance.  With a properly executed Health Care Proxy, the agent you select will be in charge of decisions when you can't make them for yourself.  Likewise, selecting an agent to have your power of attorney will allow for someone you trust to manage your personal and business affairs if you are unable to, including under short-term circumstances like an accident.